Things to do in Tenerife North

Things to do in Tenerife North

When you think of Tenerife, you probably imagine the sandy beaches, luxurious, coastal resorts, and lively nightlife. That image in your mind portrays the Southern region of the island, where tropical temperatures make for an idyllic beach vacation. Today, we’ll be introducing you to Tenerife North.

Unlike Southern Tenerife - Tenerife North boasts a quainter environment for those looking to spend their time away from the crowds, beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Instead, Tenerife North offers an outdoor experience that takes you across diverse natural landscapes and historically recognized towns. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the most exciting and relaxing things to do in Tenerife North.

Hiking Trails

Tenerife North is considered the “greener” side of the island, and rightfully so. With lush forests full of diverse flora and fauna, recently rehabilitated trails across the rolling landscape offer an unforgettable hiking experience. These trails will take you along winding coastlines, remote villages, and through plentiful forests. Don’t forget to pack your favorite pair of hiking boots, as these ever-changing paths will take you on a journey full of sights and surprises.


Don’t let our opening paragraph mislead you; just because Tenerife North isn’t notorious for its beaches doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer an incredible selection of sandy shores. In fact, some might argue that these quiet beaches rival the beauty of more populous, southern shores. Remaining mostly untouched and undisturbed by mainstream tourism, these scenic beaches boast unique terrains. From black sands of Roque de las Bodegas to the towering, surrounding cliffs of Playa El Bollullo, your beach experience in Tenerife North will be unlike any other.

Cueva del Viento

The “Cave of the Wind” is an underground maze of lava tube tunnels formed by underground volcanic activity. Widely considered to be one of the most intricate and complex tunnel systems in the world, Cueva del Viento stands as the largest lava tube in Europe, the fifth largest in the world, and a top adventure destination in Tenerife North. Guided descents occur daily, and trained experts guide you through the dark, ominous caves. During your descent, you’ll encounter unique geological formations, underground critters, and a whole lot of darkness. While spelunking may not be a current obby of yours, a descent through the mysterious Cueva del Viento is one hike that you will not want to miss.

Wine Tasting

Now that you’ve had your fair share of outdoor adventure, it’s time for a more relaxing expedition - through Tenerife’s world-renowned vineyards. With an aged wine-growing history spanning to near the 17th century, the island holds tastes rarely found elsewhere in the world. Additionally, the volcanic soil and ideal climate of the region cultivate a unique flavor, further helping Tenerife solidify itself as a worldwide leader in wine. By visiting one of the many vineyards, guided tours will lead you through massive fields and impressive cellars, ending the tour with a taste of their finest bottles. Don’t forget to bring your wallet, as these local bottles make for the perfect souvenir.

Local Cuisine

Nothing pairs with a tasty bottle of wine better than one of Tenerife’s finest local dishes. In Tenerife North, you’ll visit smaller, remote villages filled with culture and tradition. Rather than eating at Michelin star restaurants in your luxury resort, you can easily find local restaurants serving up an authentic taste of the Tenerife culture.

Santa Cruz

Now that we’ve covered some of Tenerife North’s most outstanding natural features, we’ll introduce you to some of the region’s most interesting towns and cities. First and foremost, visiting the capital city of Tenerife is a must. The port city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is home to spectacular architecture, beautiful beaches, and a rich culture. If you’re looking to learn more about the islands past, visit one of the city’s many museums.


Unlike Santa Cruz, you won’t find the town of Garachico on most travel itineraries. The small town on the northeast coast of the island hides a rich past. Centuries ago, the island was considered to be one of the richest towns across the Canary Islands, boasting marble streets and pristine architecture. After a massive volcanic explosion devastated the town, Garachico was left in ruins. In its wake, however, the eruption left natural mineral pools, which have become a major tourist attraction. In addition to its relaxing pools, the small town bears sandy beaches, authentic cuisine, and a first-hand look at a storied past.

Puerto de la Cruz

Of the many things to do in Tenerife, most can be found in our final city; Puerto de la Cruz. With such a long list of activities hidden within its borders, we’ll dive into further detail in the following sections. In brief, the city’s coastline is lined with luxurious resorts and black sand beaches. Further inland, you’ll find castles, museums, gardens, and parks that, by themselves, could pack your itinerary. To wrap up our list, we’ll highlight the city’s two most famous landmarks; the Botanical Gardens and Loro Parque.

Botanical Gardens

Among the many stories of Tenerife’s past, the foundation of Puerto’s botanical gardens sits as one of its most interesting. Dating back to the 18th century, the garden came to fruition when King Carlos III of Spain decided that he wanted to decorate his Madrid Palace with exotic wildlife. After demanding a shipment of trees, flowers, and other flora from the western hemisphere, his plans were interrupted by the fact that these plants needed a place to acclimatize to the new region. After being deemed the perfect climate, the Central and South American assortment was arranged on the island, leading to what is now considered a ‘top garden in the world.’ With a vibrant and exotic assortment of plants, trees, and flowers beautifully arranged across more than 20,000 square meters, these gardens are a must-see when visiting Tenerife North.

Loro Parque

Last but not least, we recommend that you visit the zoo ranked the #1 in the World, and rightfully so. Spread out across 33 acres, the zoo offers a number of exhibits home to creatures from across the planet. From penguins to dolphins to lions, Loro Parque rescues and treats a list of beautiful species. In the following years, they have made massive reforms and have since been Humane Certified for their outstanding treatment of their animals.

As you’ve learned, Tenerife is more than just sandy beaches, coastal resorts, and a lively nightlife. The island is packed with culture, history, and a landscape that holds many secrets and adventures. When visiting Tenerife North, you’ll experience an entirely different island. Hopefully our list has helped to fill your itinerary with diverse activities and destinations. If you’re still looking for more things to do in Tenerife, visit



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