Things to do in Tenerife For Families

Things to do in Tenerife For Families

You may know Tenerife for its black-sand beaches, breathtaking views, and luxurious resorts. If you’re looking for a fun-filled island vacation for the whole family, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of fun things to do in Tenerife for the whole family, and below we’re listing the best family-friendly activities the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands has to offer.

Siam Park

It would only make sense to top this list with the waterpark rated the “Best Waterpark in the World” by Trip Advisor. Siam Park is a must-visit when venturing to the island of Tenerife, as it includes acres of thrilling rides and slides. Even if steep slopes aren’t your cup of tea, there are plenty of relaxing attractions such as the Lazy River and the Wave Palace. With such a long list of things to do in Tenerife’s largest theme park, you could easily spend the whole day here.

Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching

Get ready for this adventure across the bright blue seas that surround the island of Tenerife. During your exploring, you’ll find that whales aren’t the only sea creatures in the sea. As you sail around the island, you’ll come across dozens of colorful species of fish, whales, and dolphins that will leave the whole family in awe.

For ones seeking an adrenaline rush, Tenerife offers plenty of other adventure activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, and even kayaking. Deep below the temperate oceans you’ll find bright coral reefs and even brighter sea life. And who knows, maybe you’ll come across some buried treasures!

Loro Parque

There aren’t many places where you’ll see penguins, tigers, and orcas all in one place. At Loro Parque, you’ll find all these and more! Rated as one of the top zoos in the entire world by Trip Advisor, Loro Parque is not only a zoo, but also an aquarium. The orca show is perfect for the family, and you’ll see hundreds of birds from around the world here. If you miss the orca show, then be sure to save time for one of the park’s water shows.

Loro Parque operates under the same management team as Siam Park (mentioned above), so you can expect that same best-of-the-best experience. Additionally, the zoo and its Rescue & Preservation programs are Humane Certified, so you can be sure that those animals are being treated with the utmost care.

Explore Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the massive volcano that sits in the middle of Tenerife. The highest point in Spain, its snowy peak can be seen from just about anywhere on the island. Surrounding the volcano is Teide National Park, an area spanning more than 47,000 acres full of wildlife and nature. Much of the island’s culture and history are built upon this mountain, making it a must-see for any family that comes to visit! There are plenty of ways to experience all Mt. Teide has to offer, and we’ve picked out some of our personal favorites for you:

Guided Hikes

Get ready for a day full of exercise to wear out your endlessly energetic kids. A guided hike of the volcano will introduce you to sights and spots that overlook the island and its glimmering shorelines. How high you climb is your choice but rest assured that the views increase in beauty as you continue your ascent. If you’d rather not spend all of your energy on the hike up, cable cars run every day and will quickly bring you more than 1,600 feet to an area known as Rambleta. Prepare for breathtaking views on the ride up!


No air pollution. No lights. Nothing. Just a sky full of stars like you’ve never seen before. Viewing the stars on a clear night from the slopes of Mount Teide, is a truly unique experience. Visit the Teide observatory for an even closer look at the blanket of stars through huge state-of-the-art telescopes used by leading international scientists studying the universe.

Learn About the Island!

There is no shortage of history and culture behind the island. As you take in the sights, smells, and tastes of Tenerife, make sure to find out where they came from. The island contains plenty of historical sites, landmarks, and museums that tell its story. Here are a few of our favorite sites that will keep your kids learning:

Museum of Science and the Cosmos

This museum is a unique mixture of science and technology. Here, kids will learn about outer space, technology, and the human body. Through a series of presentations, interactive displays and hands-on activities, both kids and adults will have fun while they learn about some of the world’s greatest mysteries.

Museum of Nature and Man

This incredible museum offers a walk through the history of the Canary Islands. Established in 1958, the museum has collected countless artifacts that tell the story of both Tenerife and its neighboring islands. There are three sections of the museum; natural science, archaeology, and bioanthropology. Whether you come to visit just one or all three, you’re sure to leave with a better understanding of the islands past.


We can assure that this museum will be unlike any other that you’ve visited. ARTlandya is filled with dolls and teddy bears, displaying the unique process of their respective creations. Within the exhibits you’re sure to find a variety of bears and dolls wider than you could have ever imagined!

Les Playas

Amusement parks, museums, and long hikes are sure to entertain the whole family. However, let’s not forget to make time to kick back and relax as well. The beautiful beaches of Tenerife are the perfect place to do just that. Whether you’re looking for a secluded region to unwind, or a popular tourist destination for the kids to socialize, you’ll find plenty of gorgeous options around the island.

As you can see, Tenerife offers a variety of activities for the whole family. Once you land on the beautiful island, it won’t take much convincing to get your kids to put down their cell phones and breathe in the fresh island air. If you’re still looking for more things to do in Tenerife, or more reasons why it makes for the perfect family getaway, then visit If you’ve been convinced, book your flights to Tenerife today!



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